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Press Kit

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Our press kit contains high-res logos, app icons and product shots for you to use freely.


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Choosic is now out for Android!

  June 29, 2015  

Choosic is now available for Android on the Google Play Store. Since release of the iOS app we’ve grown to almost 30,000 users and delivered over 1,000,000 recommendations. It’s a good start for our technology as 1 out of every 4 songs we recommend is liked. We've brought in some cool new features into the app such as custom playlist building, soon to come to iOS too. We’ve heard a huge demand from our followers to release an Android app, so here it is. Enjoy!
Download here.


Choosic is like Tinder for New Music #TCDisrupt

  October 20, 2014  

By reducing the process of music discovery from time-consuming, multi-source investigations to a single swipe Choosic makes exploring new music and finding hidden gems fast, efficient and easier than ever. Choosic provides the means for users to explore the vast wealth of new and existing music. Via a simple binary-swipe interface the app filters upcoming recommendations according to your previous responses, simultaneously identifying users’ musical niche and helping emerging artists gain exposure.

Choosic is a mobile application that aims to make discovering new music easier, by delivering personalised recommendations through a smart and intuitive user interface. Developed by a young team in London, the app is intended to provide music lovers with a more efficient means to discover new songs and artists, without time consuming searches and meticulous organisation. We asked over 340 people in London within the 16-25 age range if they were happy with how they discover new music and 80% said they wished there was a better way. Choosic allows music lovers of all levels of dedication to readily find music that suits their specific tastes.

Choosic aims to streamline music discovery by making the process as fast and effortless as possible. Users select several genres upon registration and receive corresponding recommendations one-by-one from our catalogued content, curated by music bloggers. When there are over 100, 000 tracks added to both iTunes and Spotify every day, the need for an efficient way to find the music that appeals to you is growing rapidly. By dictating musical likes and dislikes by swiping a finger left or right, users quickly create a network of preferences which are used in the selection of future content recommendations from our curated content.

Current features:
• Personalised music recommendations.
• Fast playlist building.
• Pleasant, content-focused user interface

Upcoming features for Choosic:
• Further social discovery features
• Multiple information tabs detailing artist bio, social statistics, news, etc.
• More flexible playlist building options.
• Web App to access playlists.
• Exportable playlists
• Sponsored recommendations.
• Location based gig recommendations and tickets.
• Purchase of digital music.

Every liked song is entered into a playlist for later listening. As the app evolves a recommendation algorithm learns more about user’s music preferences and makes smarter and more personalised recommendations. By tailoring the new music you will interact with to your individual tastes, Choosic will save audiophiles countless hours of needless searching. Choosic gets access to the freshest music trending around the web, and we are passionate about the content that we recommend.

Choosic is available now for free in the Apple App Store.
Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

About TechCrunch Disrupt
TechCrunch Disrupt Europe: London is TechCrunch’s first conference in the UK. The format combines top thought-leader discussions with new product and company launches. Morning executive discussions debate technology-driven disruptions in many industries, while the afternoons are reserved for the Startup Battlefield, where some 25 new companies will launch for the first time onstage, selected to present from numerous applications received from around the world. The winning company will receive a $50,000 USD grand prize and the Disrupt Cup at the conclusion of the conference. The conference is October 20-21, 2014 at Old Billingsgate in London.


Choosic Merges with Earworm to Improve Music Discovery

  May 29, 2014  

The Choosic team first met with Earworm on Saturday, May 17th. Earworm contacted Choosic originally to make contact with another similar start-up tech company. Earworm’s product was an app recommendation that alerted you to similar music via the Spotify messaging system. Obviously, as Choosic is an independent provider of music recommendation and listening services, our mission statements chimed together quite harmoniously. What began as a line of communication for two emerging companies to share advice and words of encouragement about their progress within the same technological niche- became a defining meeting of minds for both companies.

After negotiations on the 17th both parties went away to consider proposals made. On May 23rd Choosic officially merged with Earworm, adding both their recommendation engine and source code as well as the minds behind it (Rob Cross & George Cossins) to the Choosic roster. The merge provided Choosic with some uniquely developed code that expanded the Choosic app’s possibilities, as well as two new team members who clearly have the same passion for music. And who understand the importance of recommendation, and navigation amidst the era of information over-exposure.

We very much look forward to the future of music discovery, and of our team of music-lovers.


First Release Due For iOS

  February 6, 2014  

After much consideration we at Choosic decided that the Choosic app will first be made available to the iOS market. We decided on the iOS simply because of the optimal speed at which we could develop for Apple platforms. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that our earlier research showed that approximately 80% of our target market use iPhones. We fully intend to release the Choosic app across multiple platforms and will begin developing for Android as soon as the iOS version is released.

The App will be released as a public beta with basic features available. As with all beta releases we expect some mild turbulence at first, which is why we hope that during the early-stages of release our users will report any bugs and provide us with feedback at social@choosic.co.uk. This email can be quickly accessed under ‘Settings’ within the Choosic App. In future we will be developing a form for both the App and Choosic.co so that users may easily report bugs and have issues resolved. We expect to resolve any major bugs within the first few weeks of release.

The Choosic app as it is contains the following basic features:
• Music recommendations with a binary swipe ‘Tinder-esque’­ interface.
• Fast playlist building.
• Streaming/Listening.

In future we intend to provide Choosic users with continuous updates to both features and content as we expand indefinitely. We will collect analytics and feedback via the provided email and develop new features according to that information. Features that are currently under development are: the ability to create and save multiple playlists, social recommendations based on mutual tastes with friends, as well as an updated system for genre navigation.

The Choosic App will be available for iOS from October, 2014.


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