Swipe through music like a breeze

to find the songs you love. Swipe right to like and left to dislike, simple!


Fresh and personalised recommendations that get better over time. Music discovery could never be easier. Lovely jubbly.


Fast Playlist Building

Every track you like goes into a playlist for easy listening. So you’ll never forget the recommendations you love.

Listen anywhere, anytime for free.

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Your music companion

Like a friend, Choosic learns what you like and what you don't. It gets better with time, so you won’t have to browse through music you don’t like again.

Daily music recommendations

Pop in and out of the app for your daily recommendations.
Otherwise you might miss the soundtrack of your life.

Emerging & established artists

We recommend both established and under-the-radar musicians. Why? Because there's so much music that needs to be discovered!

"The music app you'll fall in love with."

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